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14 September 2006



Does it strike you as odd that the so-called "hawks" in the White House never served in the military? I guess it's always easier to send someone else's kids into the face of danger when you have no concept of what it's like.

Alan T

How can Tony Snow call Gen. Colin Powell confused? Powell directed Desert Storm and John McCain was a Vietnam POW. If anyone, they should know how to treat prisoners of war.


too little too late, elction year and they are standing up to him? who really cares anymore?

Mervin Malone Jr.

I've always had issues with Mr. Powell. First, he was so insistent that gays not compare gay rights and civil rights. Indeed, he once said that gays had no claim to civil rights. Now the little joker wants to defy Bush? He never stood up against Bush when it really counted! He always valued loyalty over leadership. The fact that he's speaking out NOW doesn't matter since he's not in Bush's fold anymore (when he could've done some good).


I totally agree with the previous posters.. all of them. However, I have a good bit of respect left for Colin (not all respect, but a good bit of it). Whenever I see his face now I think of Harry Belafonte's allusion to him being a House Nigger and I cannot defend Colin too much when this title comes up, because, he as a Black leader could've stood up to these social and racial conservatives who were only using him as a prop just to get the Black vote.

Colin probably realized this later on and saw the truth that he couldn't change the party form inside and left with whatever dignity he had lingering, but he lost the respect of a good number of folks like me in the process long before he had a change of heart.

Sorry Colin, when you had the chance to make a rightful choice you didn't, too little too late my brotha.

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