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07 September 2006



They allowed her to retire without even an investigation? Wow.

C. Baptiste-Williams

the more things change... the more they stay the same


It is sad to think that some in the black community still believe that racism doesn't exist in today's society. Every few years we are shown examples of racism and class discrimination in this county yet we continue brush the issue under the carpet. Wake up!

Lee Owens

There is so much denial among minorities in general and black people in particular. I'm sure that the one black voting for the retirement thought they were doing good. For the massa.


on a seemingly positive note on one school district:



And I wonder who this bitch voted for and her political affiliation... could it be the Democrat party, which is more embracing all those different, Black, Latinos, Indian, Asian, Gay, transsexual, Pagan... or the RepubliCUNT party which is more or less xenophobic, homophobic and most other "phobics" known to man and will only present a "glass ceiling" to its Black members... yes that's right Condi will be the last Darkie who will have so much power, you just see!

Matthew Rettenmund

There ARE times when people of color allege racism where is does not exist in order to explain a situation or comment or experience that is more truthfully explained in other ways. However, way, WAY more often, racism is at play in all facets of life. Unfortunately, instances of the former often cause white people (and sometimes people of color) to argue that the latter is not true. How many times have I heard people blow off the idea of racism as a barrier in 2006? But if this kind of case doesn't prove to any person that racism exists—and thrives, thanks to a social network of sympathies—then the person who disbelieves it is an active part of that social network.

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