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22 September 2006



Tutu is one of my heroes in this world. I'm an atheist but the man can stand his ground with matters of religion. Great article,Rod!


Shabaka I agree and am an atheist too


What I would like to know is: Does Tutu have any influence on the thinking of any South Africans? We know that the American-style evangelical Christians have swooped in to capture the minds of average South Africans, using poverty as an opening. I wish a South African could tell us how well have they succeeded.


Religion is the Opium for the masses, Karl Marx once said. Despite his radical socialist theory, Marx made a very insightful observation which I agree with.

You see religion provides a confort for all the world's troubles people today go through, and so they gladly follow its teaching with the promise of a paradise - a new Earth or heaven without any of these troubles.

However, religion also, in turn asks these people to give up their independent thought and go with what the religion tells them to believe: Blacks cannot join our religion; women have minimal roles and should shut up in the presence of men and shouldn't be subservient; homosexuals are deviants and should have no rights because they are less than what God intended them to be, i.e. normal humans like us heterosexuals; et al.

Boy am I glad I'm not caught up in the whirlwind of deception!

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