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14 September 2006



Oh yes. I definitely see Miss Guy returning to the series. We haven't heard the last from him.

Ty A. Allison

How did you download the episode? iTunes hasn't made it available yet.

This is Rod. I don't use iTunes. I use the DVR and my laptop to grab shows live or from TiVo. Also, I work in television, so, it's quite easy to download broadcast content.


Like you, I've been howling with joy over this storyline. I was really hoping that Guy would go all Glenn-Close-in-Fatal-Attraction and start boiling rabbits on the stove. Let's hope his crazy ass comes back soon to the show...and that he brings his fine ass with him, as well. :-)


God, I hope they bring back Dr Guy, (after some extensive therapy) and he becomes a regular. He's so damn sexy. That mug just sizzles.

Erich H

Okay Rod. "You were right" all along when you said last year and early this year that this would happen.

The story was kinda silly but entertaining. It would be fun to see Guy return, if for no other reason than to witness him boiling a rabbit. LOL

Mad Professah

Guy is one of the best looking guys on the show...I really wanted to see him rolling 'round nekkid with Trey!

I predict Guy kidnaps Trey in the season finale....

What's up with that dark gay bashing scene at the end?? Isn't that pretty cliche for a gay series??


His story line was ridiculous and beyond far fetched (what happened to Guy's medical career? Wasn't he Wade's friend? No comments from Wade?), but homeboy Guy looked damn good in those shorts! Yes Rod, thank god for DVR's!


Eh, all the storylines are ridiculous. Alex has an AIDS counseling center but no clients, Guy is a doctor who can't afford his own apartment, Noah is clueless but became this overnight sensation, meanwhile every man he meets falls in love with him. I don't try to make sense of any of it, it's just a sitcom and the characters are in various situations.

But the Guy storyline was hilarious and hopefully we will see him again.

Speaking of hilarious, what happened to your recaps? Those were truly lmao.


I knew you were not going to let this one go without a comment. I was screaming at the "get it girl drawers". lmao


i hope they didn't blow an opportunity...seems like they rushed that storyline to a clumsy and hasty finish (the guys looking thru the window?? c'mon!!!) it was like, 1,2,3, done. there was a whole lot more going on than that tidy resolution would indicate. so, either we're being fooled by the happy ending or they didn't have the skill to do justice to that plotline.

but every soap needs an evil doctor, and a PHOYN ONE at that. HOLY MOTHER OF ISIS!!! i'm going to buy some camouflage shorty shorts and fantasize.

as for Alex and Trey - seven years, SCHMEVEN YEARS!!! did you see that man??? if Guy was sprawled across MY couch, Alex would have to stay at Ricky's at least a few more nights.


C. Baptiste-Williams

i think i rewinded this quite a few times.... this scene did it for me and my underwear fetish


Am I like the only one that left upset by that WEAK ASSED conclusion of the ALEX/TREY/GUY storyline. First of all they string us along for two seasons. still a mystery to me how he goes from being one of wade's running buddies to them never having a scene together anymore. But anyways...all that build up for some CHEESY...."let's trick him with a note"..stunt? I mean come on...was that the best they could do to resolve the matter? I think there were so many more options thatwere not considered...how sad. GUY was looking very RIGHT in them briefs.

And ummmm.....no mention of sexy KEITH HAMILTON COBB and his lovely SHIRTLESS scenes?


1) Guy is fine as hell, especially in them tight ass, bootylicious shorts. Damn!

2) The story arc was a little rushed, but there has to be more than just that, as others have said before.

3) Baby Gat is kinda hot, to me at least. I want to see more of an interaction with him and Noah; as well as Noah and Wade.

Well, that's it for now.


I must say he has looked best this season with last nights underwear and the tight jeans in the previous scene and don't forget those yellow shorts DAMN. Also KHC looked down right heavenly( let get my DVR running to watch again). The Noah bashing though we have seen this before (but please don't hate me) but WTF was he wearing just asking for a beat down.


check the online episodes...Mister STRICT Top man Ricky might be willin to give it up to Junito..sometime.



"Just asking for a beat down"? Are you kidding me, hood? So it's okay for a gay man to get beaten to a pulp because he has the nerve to wear a poncho in public? I know you were kidding- but the unfortunate reality is that gay men, women and transgenders are to this day being brutalized, taunted, beaten and even killed just for having the nerve to be themselves. Does anyone remember Kevin fucking Aviance who was recently attacked in New York City! Not po-dunk, Illinois or Wyoming. New York fucking City! Homophobia is alive and well and happening all around us, so it is NOT cliche to show this on television. And please remember, just because you don't wear a poncho or walk a little fishy or dress as a drag queen or a butch lesbian, that does not make you immune from being bashed. You can get attacked just by leaving a gay establishment or being in a neighborhood perceived as "gay". Y'all better wake up, people. I know I'm getting my pepper spray today because this shit is still happening. Rod has covered many instances right here on this very site- beatings, murders, etc...Wise up, people. Wise up.


Last season, people mentioned the kiss between Chance and the T-Money character was awkward. That's understandable if the actor that played T-Money was straight. But KHC looked quite comfortable making out with Darryl Stephens in that opening shot! Very comfortable. Extremely comfortable. And it was hot! KHC is a great actor. I guess.


Gregory Kieth is straight and seems comfortable too. So I guess it is great acting!


Pleasant show.... but I have to say that the kissing is way overboard!! The scripts are somewhat bland and the smootches are getting tired like the SHE/ Bitch/Ho fillers.

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