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27 October 2006



I've always thought that Cuba was sexy. Shadowboxer was so-so but Cuba was gorgeous as always.

j. brotherlove

As I wrote a couple of months ago, Shadowboxer certainly has its problems, but I think it's an interestingly saturated film. It also speaks to an element of black homoerotica not often seen on the big screen. I respect Daniels, Gooding and Mirren for taking a chance on it.


Cuba a sex symbol, now, I've read it all.....

Ryan Canty

Shadowboxer WAS a horrid mess...but i do give daniels a LOT of credit for trying to go there...

and he did succeed with the casting...I actually COULD see cuba and mirren as lovers; Monique as that nurse who was with the white doctor..stephen dorff fucking anything with a hole with that big thang of his (i knew white boys were packing, but stephen? DAMN! just GOT DAMN!)

Cuba IS a sexy man...just not sexy in the matinee idol sense. He has an unbridled kind of masculinity that you don't see immediately. Cuba has always been sexy to me...in Shadowboxer, seeing naked body did some things to me, ok? :)

I will support Lee Daniels in any work he does...but, he needs to stick to producing and let other folk direct his movies.

Actually curious to see what he does with Mariah in Tennessee


Ryan makes some great points. Cuba's sensuality is under-rated. If you're looking for something overthe top, he is not there. But he is very masculine yet vulnerable and handled that role well. Stephen Dorff is decent actor and hot enough, but not recessarily my type.

Am I the only one who thinks that Cuba Gooding Jr could work the hell out of a hot gay role with a brother--not something so predictable as he did in "As Good as It Gets"?

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