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10 October 2006


A. Ronald

Hey, I saw this on television last night. The first thing I thought about was your blog. Such a shame, I hope they find these thugs.

And it also proves that black men don't always committ crimes--we are often the victims!!


Wow, this is unreal! Or all too real. It's interesting, I was reading some posts on a Noah's Arc message board, and there was criticism of the gay-bashing incident on that show, where Noah was attacked in a parking lot by 3 men (2 white and 1 black). Some felt the incident was unrealistic or fake or just not relevant. And this recent incident in Brooklyn proves that gay-bashing is unfortunately still alive and well. I hope they catch the thugs who did this. Such a shame.

Bradley Jax

These cases are unfortunate and all too common. Black gay men and lesbians are often victims of domestic violence and are much more likely to be bashed. They're also much more likely to be assaulted by police. But kudoas to Bloomberg and the NYPD for taking fast action.


Hopefully this man will recover. It doesn'treally matter why he was at that area. He didn't deserve thsi, no one does.


thanks for the update and my prayers and thoughts are with him. this horrible act does bring up a point that has to be taken, you are taking a HUGE chance with your life and personal safety going to a "cruising" area at night. i have never done this, but, do realize some have to. if the urges are so strong, at least just go to a sauna or something instead of some isolated dark park.



As a resident of the area for almost 30 years, I can tell you that the tragedy was not simply motivated by sexuality. I'm positive that it will be revealed that this brutal attack was as motivated by race as it was by sexuality. Sheepshead Bay, Bensonhurst and Gravesend, all dissected by the Belt Parkway, are the most racist neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

Rod McCullom

Bobby, I'm sure you're right. I'm a former B'klyn boy myself, but, obviously not from that part of B'klyn.

Jared, we don't know the facts and should not blame the victim. However, from working many years in news, I will say that you are right in saying gay men need to urge more caution in their habits.

One more thing: If you read the police accounts, there are some clues that this may have been a set-up or that he was planning to meet someone. Doesn't sound like a random act of violence.

Erich H

The Howard Beach proximity is just unreal.


Hey Rod I got the same impression also that this is a setup,we have to be wise if you're going to meet a hookup always in public amongst other people. I remember years ago a friend in BK on the subway platform was lured to the end of the platform by a piece of trade just to lose his money, gold, and coat, luckliy not his life. Trade is not worth the risk, and yes I know we sometimes succumb to the urges. But my prayers go out this bruh for a speedy recovery............D


Rod, I fully understand that he may have been set up and that it may have been racially based as well from the news accounts and I would never put the blame on anyone getting such a vicious beating. That said, my point is, that a person has to use common sense in meeting someone, online, a phone line, etc. If, and I don't personally, way too skeptical, want to meet someone from one of these venues, to me, it would make sense to meet at a public place, not a dark park in a part of town that I know isn't excalty AA friendly. Sorry, but, you are just asking for trouble with all the creeps online in chat rooms, etc, you have to use common sense to protect yourself in any situation since you still don't know who you are meeting and most of these guys lie more often than not, IMO.

rashawn brazell memorial fund

The family is reporting that Michael, who has been in critical condition, is now brain-dead. They are keeping him on life support with the hopes that he will recover.

The sole eye witness reports seeing 3 white men and 1 black man at the scene of the crime. The 4 men that police have in custody range from age 16-20.

It appears that Michael, a 28-year-old interior designer from Williamsburg, was lured through the internet to a known gay cruising area along the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn by a teenager who promised a sexual encounter.

During questioning at least one of the straight-identified suspects indicated he has used the Internet in the past to lure and attack gay men.

More information available here:


Oh my God!!!!!!


At this time, our brother Michael Sandy has moved on to the next life...RIP my friend, my condolences go out to your family and my heart bleeds with the pain of what you felt in those final moments.

To our community, black, white, asian other, this is about homophobia in America. To really slay this beast, we need to come together and not let race separate those of us who are already marginalized. I am a gay filipino male living in brooklyn and often wonder what groups would take a stand if this happend to me.

America has got to wake up. My LGBTG family, WE HAVE to be more cautious in our habits. There is NOONE looking out for us but ourselves....BELIEVE THAT! Our downfall is that we cruise in silence–the silence of shame, the silence of guilt, the silence of self-hate (at times). We need to ALWAYS let a close friend know where we are going, whom we are meeting with etc. For god sake, send a text if you don't want to talk, just so someone knows where you are going and who you are meeting.

I cried and I cried to think this could be any of us. Let's not forget Rashawn Brazell, his murderer(s) are still on the loose. Let's take a stand and not let his death be in vain.


i remember being in highschool in the early seveties , it was an intergrated school for the "day" but segregated internally i.e. the cafeteria was divided in two by the kitchen, so the majority of blacks sat on one side hence so with the whites

there were a few that mixed one guy I remember in particular a black guy all his friends were white you rarely if ever saw him socialize with blacks or his own race as is said....

one day he got into a fight with some white guys on the steps of the school, which was unusual, as at this school fighting just wasn't the thing, anyway, I remember some black girl remarking about the fight late on " you see thats what happens when you hang around white folk "

what was he doing in any !!! park in NYC sniffing after some white dude he met on the net ? without a gun or even mace in NYC ?!

where was this guy from Kansas ? I know queens in heels who got more sense, and guts, ain't no way in the world, I'd let a white man hurt me unless he coming with me to !

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