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09 October 2006



Of course, if you can't appeal to their moral conscience, hit
'em where it really hurts----in their pocketbook.

Joe Jons

Those columns are a small step in the right direction. At least those are people whom the producers and promoters will read. Once those artists go broke, they'll "rethink their lyrics."

Ken Harper

I'm a newer reader here. Just want to say that I really appreciate the diversity of topics. I also like how you find articles written in the foreign press. Keep up the great job.

nahtan serious

Dancehall centres on the current hott rhythm so that every rhythm has about 5-10 songs with the same backing beat sung by different artists. So that when Boom bye bye came out there were several other songs out ther that had the exact same beat but had different lyrics ( and most if not all of them were about other topics or than batty bwoys).

So I have never understood why the record companies felt they have to release songs with anti-gay lyrics when clearly danchall fans are moved mainly by beats and the vocal ability of the artist.

The anti-gay lyrics are not needed ... hope they get the point!

Rod Mc

Nathan, that's a great point. I have long been a fan of dancehall and soca and it's all about the rhythm. Probably, the record companies will realize this slowly. But the artists get more street cred if the fight the "gay lobby."


Jamaica is a society in which the downtrodden have come to base their self-respect on “not being faggots.” Hyper-masculinity and the readiness to kill are the respected virtues.

As in this country, the religious institutions encourage this kind of mental illness. It is way to fill the collection plates on Sunday and pay for the pastor’s fancy car.

The whole anti-gay thing has become so central to the Jamaican self-image that doing without it may be psychologically too difficult, regardless of the financial consequences.

Doug Cooper-Spencer

Finally someone is at least speaking to the other component of this mess- - the record labels and distributors. I've always said they should also be held accountable as well.
However, it's still sad that no one in the article was willing to address the issue head on, and that is, homophobia is a poison. A lot of work still to be done.


They need to hang Buju Banton and Beanie Man, how they can claim their lyrics don't incite anti gay violence is beyond me. I'm sorry I love Reggae Dancehall music but it seems almost every single record has to include some lyrics about "Batty Man Dem" its just sick. If Elton John or George Michael made a record about killing black people the world would be up in arms and rightly so...so whats the difference here?


I don't think one story, featuring a Reverend's personal opinion, qualifies the Gleaner as "ridiculously homophobic'.

I do agree with you however about the need for jamaicans to stop indulging the homophobia and hyper-masculinity that breeds it, especially in dancehall music.

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