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06 October 2006


Greg Gomes

Oh, Rod. Why do this to us today?


It's nice to see some man skin. Recently we've been seeing people like Janet all over the place...which is great promo for 20 Y.O. but I still enjoy looking at the men.

Alan Traucy

Gina, girl you must be new to Rod 2.0. Miss Janet and Jeyonce get precious airtime on Rod 2.0. It's all about men. Not boys, men. I love it!

daniel Torino

Where do you find these men?

frank leon roberts

Lol, Rod, Martin says thank you. He was flattered and surprised to find himself on this site. He and the rest of the Balenciaga Boys will in town this Sunday for the Evisu Ball in Harlem. You should come through...

alan traucy

Rod 2.0 is my new crack. Politics, pop culture and butch queens!


That man is beautiful. Love the diversity.


Yes, he is beautiful. I agree with Alan. Rod 2.0 is simply the best, I love it.

Trevor St. John

Alright. Let's hear it for the butch queens!



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