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25 October 2006



Definitely can see Hillary Clinton getting the nomination. Also could see her winning she is a fighter Rod, I can see why you like her.

Franklyn Smith

Hillary Clinton could win. The Republican talking points are to reinforce that she cannot so people will not vote for her. But she's strong. Polarizing, but strong.

brad lindau

Man, I really love the new Rod 2.0. You give us sports, politics, pop culture, men ... I also want to chime in and add that Hillary has a great shot at winning. Dick Cheney may be many things but he is no fool. He said the truth.

Andy in Seattle

Memo to Hillary: Stop trying the old triangulation centrist bullsh*t. Everyone can smell it. Those who hate you will never vote for you even if you divorced Bill and married Sean Hannity. Those who love you will vote for you no matter what, as many time as the new e-machines allow. For those dottering "undecideds", counter the Right's smear that you're a bitch by embracing it; say "what America needs--and Osama fears--is a pissed-off woman protecting yer kids. Vote for the Bitch." Make Maggie Thatcher look like Elsa Lanchester. If you are gonna run, run hard. Take a page from the old Rove playbook and turn your weakness into your strength.

Memo to Obama: Just keep doing what you're doing, but don't mention the fact that you don't support full marriage equality unless asked.

Memo to Cheney: Go f*ck yourself.


I think a lot of fellow gay men and lesbians are too cynical when it comes to national politics. Many of us live in these (real or digital) gay ghettos and are yearning for utopic societies that will never materialize.

Hillary's centrist credentials don't bother me at all. They fit my thinking exactly. Let's face it, if Democrats have any hope of winning the White House, it's with the same centrist, triangulation of Bill Clinton. A dyed-in-the-wool liberal or progressive will never get elected to the White Houe again. The votes are not there. Let's get real. That's why Republicans win elections, they are willing to compromise on canfdidates to get some or much of what they want; too many times, progressives and liberals whine and cry if they don't get the perfect candidate.

As far as marriage equality, lol, that's hardly an issue to raise with a presidential candidate when same-sex marriages are illegal in 45 or 46? states. That has to be fought on the state level and we only have a few states where it is viable. Hillary, Obama and John Kerry do not support "marriage" for gays. It's a non-issue on the federal level.

Earl FF

Gay marriage wll be fought in the state courst and legislatures, at last in those states where it is already not banned. It really doesn't matter if the candidate supports marriage equality. Because of DOMA and indidvidua state politics, most of us will never see that dream,.

Lee Owens

The good news is that Cheney won't be running!

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