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05 October 2006


Jan DV

I just noted on another post that this really is a brilliant site. The whoel idea is wonderful--black gay men across the world and news that affects us. I am just now hearing about this new congressman, but, I first heard about Foleuy on this site, too.

Alan T

I'm reading this guy's record and he is a poster boy for the red state conservatives. If he's gay this will be huge.

Rod, how do u stay abreast of politics and entertainment? It's remarakable. This site really is great for black gay men.

Gregg G

Memo: If you have skeletons "in the closet", stay out of the limelight.


I second Gregg G's comment wholeheartedly! *lol* Apparently the gay Republican politician (is that an oxymoron?) doesn't believe in self preservation. Well, get ready to be pilloried!

Ty A. Allison

I hope you receive this comment before my interview with the New York Civil Liberties Union in the morning. Although I don’t know you, your spirit radiates through the content on this blog. For example, letting your readers know about this recent revelation regarding McHenry. I want to ask something of you. I want you to pray that I get this job with the NYCLU. This is an opportunity that would completely change the trajectory of my life. If I can just pass the phone interview, I would feel blessed. I work in Dallas for a media source and my intention has been, for quite some time, to use my past – growing up in conservative, racially-charged East Texas – to propel me into the creator’s future purposes for my life. This opportunity is juxtaposed against how and where I grew up in every way, and I believe it has been divinely ordered. But in my humanness, I have my doubts. I am qualified, and I have definitely been called. Blessings be upon you and thank you in advance for your prayers.



Okay, as this all unfolds before us, I wonder how many of you are outraged that the Congressman has now come out and declared that he is "Gay". No sir, what you are is in fact a pedophile... nothing more and nothing less.

If in fact you are a gay man, you would be attracted to gay MEN. Not pre-pubescent hairless boys. It sickens me to hear that comment come from every Man that molests young boys, "I'm gay". Like hell you are! Get help and get it now.... oh and by the way I hope they put his a$$ deep in jail. Discovering you are gay is hard enough for young children, even harder and more confusing when "Mr. Burns" is sexually pursuing you!

Just my two cents!

Alan Tracuy

Oh this is just too much. It always seems the loudest ones have the most to hide.

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