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24 October 2006



Ohh, I love D-Wade. Seems like I'm not the only one.


super fine and I now have to redo my DWade pictorial.

Bradley Jax

Gawd, love me some Dwayne Wade. I'm so sure he is making someone happy.

C. Baptiste-Williams

love wade but hate that gawdy chain


Love him!

It is nice to see a black guy on the cover of GQ.

Rog the Nupe from What's Happening

Body is very nice. Face is only okay.


He is one of the sexiest men alive, in my humble opinion.

dwade fa lyfe

...... wat can u say lol all u can do is just stare.. wade is the best at evrythang n he got the looks :)...... u cant say anything much less without studdering lol!!!

rahul kumar

WOW.. DWADE=SEXY... Greatest player known to man..<3DWADE!!!

Jennifer Tucker

OH MY GOODNESS!! Dwyane Wade is the most stunning sexiest man ever. Just looking at him! He is soooooo sexy, and not only that, he's very charismatic and an amazing basketball player. Ooooh!(I agree I hate the chain too)


Lord...he's fine...I wish he was mine...lol...

L Wade

I love the fact that he is cute, but he has a good personality, and he has talent. He seems very down to earth too. He is what I look for in a guy. (Not his money, for all you gold diggers). Umm. There is something about basketball players. (not only famous, but period,)


AHHHHHHH!!!!!I think I'm love.I actually went to one of his games,I thought I would pass out.My eyes like,turned into big hearts,lol.

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