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05 October 2006



I was writing about this today and wrote an e-mail to NPR about some of their coverage yesterday. I felt the backlash against gays boiling and knew they would find some way to inject misinformation and homophobia into a straight forward, right wing pedophilia coverup scandal.

Greg G

Rod, I've been following the story and am so glad that you keep this on the front burner. Too many of us are distracted by Oprah, Beyonce and Noah's Arc.


Oh so know they are blaming the gays for "outing" Foley? We all knew about Foley.

Alan Tracuy

This scandal is growing almost exponentially. I think it was offensive that Gingrich and the Wall Street Jouernal claimed that House leaders wanted to be sensitive to the feelings of gays.

Jan DV

What are the chances this will tip the election? It seems like the Democrats will be able to gain control of at least one house, no?

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