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06 October 2006


Gregg G

I'll say it "YOU TOLD US SO."

So now the RepubThugs are going to blame a gay clikque? If that isn't gay-bashing what is?

David L.R.

That is the worst type of gay bashing, to make it a conspirtacy and claim they were being thoughtful. Who ever would ever believe the GOP was scared of some homos.

Jan D.V.

Very impressive website. I started coming her for the sport stars and models but now I look forward to the analysis and commentary.

We do not have black gay voices such as this in Holland.

Brandon T.

Just watching this train wreck in slow motion is almost unbelievable. But it was inevitable they would blame the gays.

Also, to echo Jan's point, this really is a well-thought out blog. Every day there is news and politics, pop culture, health news. Sometimes fashion, every day or two, a hot man. It's really exciting to see so much diversity, especially for us.

Also, it's very obvious that Rod is one of those Clinton Democrats who is not afraid of a fight. You give them one, man!

Trevor St. John

Even more disturbing is the fact that they make these claims and are unchallenged. Crazy.


Just like a rapist's defense attorney. Blame the victim. So were the pagers blue blazers too tight?


I agree Trevor St. John. In fact, it seems that some organizatins, including some gay news outlets, are treating this like it is a gay issue, and not the case of a grown man preying on children. When are we going to start pointing out that what Foley did had nothing to do with homosexuality, and that the man has probably never had a relationship with another adult male in his life. When adult males abuse teenage girls, we don't point out their sexual orientaion or make it into a slam on heteros, even though the cases of straight men preying on kids is more prevalent than gay men doing it.


*sigh* This is yet another tactic used to distract us from other issues.

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