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11 October 2006



Didn't mean to sound so strident. But stuff like that bothers me. Other people stopped so why couldn't he/she? Doesn't matter anyhow, because he/she will get his comeuppance in the end.

What matters now is that Mr. Sandy heals and gets better. I know it's not likely given the reports of him being in a vegetative state, but I can dream and hope. Truly sad...


let us not forget the case of mr Eric hornado, the transit worker that was found murdered 3yrs ago on oct13, he met a young man from the chat line,the guy was 19yrs they met in mr hornado van ,where the guy stabbed mr hornado in the head with a screwdriver killing him. The guy claimed self defense and was only given 7yrs. i lost my best friend and brother.the news always blames the gay guy. we must come together to demand better laws for those who commit crimes aganist gays, we are also human beings.


THAT's messed up that people n this world think they can fuck over gay men but little do they know it don't make me less of a man then any others because nobody knows what any one else went through but they are so quick 2 judge its only 1 GOD the world needs 2 remember that and beating someone GOD saw that 2 for people who relly want 2 b technical its da heart that matter and for MICHEAL and the family your n my prayers GOD bless MICHEAL SANDY (AMEN) LIVE MY LIFE 4 A WEEK AND U WOULD NOT BE THE SAME PERSON BUT IT MAKES U STRONGER(GOD IS GOOD)


homos cannot enter the kingdom of God, but no one has the right to judge anyone but Jehovah God himself when he's ready and all u homos are gonna be punish. remember sodom and gomorrah, Jehovah showed no mercy on them, they all were destroyed so would it b when he sends his son for all the wicked, homos need to change but the devil is ruling this world so i guess we'll c all of this


I am not gay, but Micheal Sandy was my brother, as are all gay black men. I live in Harlem and know how difficult it is to be gay. When I see things like the last post by "dim" (very apropos), I feel I should express my love to counter it. I don't know where we would be as a people without gay men. But I know we'd be better off without people like "dim". God bless.


What a shame? A gay man has to die for being a gay man. How many gay men have to die before people see that they are people and give them the right they are truly entitled to by virtue of whom they are and where they were born (United States, the home of the free and the brave). This is really a sad case.

Parents need to teach their children to be tolerant of other people. They don't have to teach acceptance but live and let live.

To you GOP candidates, gay people pay taxes also. If it is so wrong for a gay person to legally marry, then come up with a form or some way for gays to identify themselves so you can't benefit from their tax paying dollars.

Christy Z

I am a student at Erie Community College in Buffalo NY. I am currently doing a project on Gay hate crimes. I was inspired after a classmate started running off at the mouth about how homosexuality was a huge problem in society today. Being bisexual was only one of the many reasons why I was offended. Fueling her hate by me screaming back at her won't help, so I want to appeal to her more humane side while trying to teach love and tolerance to everyone in my class. I have really struggled finding pictures of victims and a little of there story. HELP!!!????

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