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02 October 2006


Stephen Alter

Hey Rod, thanks for staying on top of this story. You find angles that the newspapers miss.

Also, thanks for staying on this because it's not a gay or gay black issue. It's about power and corruption. That's why I love this blog.

Lee Owens

How can NEWT GINGRICH of all people say the House Republicans didn't want to be accused of gaybashing?

Isn't this the same guy who pushed through the Defense of Marriage Act?


I had no idea that Newt Gingrich abnd his party cared about the feelings of the gays. Bless their lil hearts.



Newt is a damn joke and needs to ask his lesbian sister if this is about 'gay bashing'. I don't know what age range Foley is attracted to, but this is not a gay issue, this is a pedophile issue. The kid may be 16, but I consider that a child. Especially when Foley is over 50!

Alan T

The Republicans are concerned about their image among gays? PLEASE. They have been bashing us since Reagan was in office.



that's so SICK! he is not GAY, he is a wanna-be CHILD MOLESTER!

C. Baptiste-Williams

Fox News' bias is so blatant and appalling.


Thanks for consistently showing the news bias, especially at Fox. Newt is such a joke. Didn't he divorce his wife when she was undergoing chemotherapy or something?

Doesn't want to gay bash? LOL.


BEFORE he became a US Congressman, Foley served long term in the Florida Legislature with ANOTHER Young unmarried REPUBLICAN Legislator and THEY were known for being long term "Room Mates" with the rumor being that they were MUCH MORE than "Room Mates"

This other Legislator's name???


Kenn Chaplin

Great job threading this all together! It's sad how power was used so corruptly by all the adults in this affair.

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