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27 October 2006


C. Baptiste-Williams

I have never seen a football player that was so pretty... I know he must have some nice endorsements.

Ryan Canty


Wow...I KNEW there was a reason why I would CONSTANT watch the Giants when they played...

Will Demps can cook and he's a great player--DAMN, HE FOINE! lol!

good stuff rod...wow, could it be that you and i have some similar tastes in men? :) (i think i've found mostly everyone you've posted about HOT as hell)


He's so gorgeous and such a role model. Rod, love these men it's not the usual skinny thungs and bulging strippers. Well, not that there is anything wrong with that, lol.


Amazing! So amazing! Beyond beautiful and together... just added to my wish and prayer list!


Its no mystery how I feel about him, all I say is thank God for the inventor of the face mask, we don't want any battle scars on that purty face.

Derrick from Philly

I don't give a damn what he looks like, he's a Big Rotten Apple New York Giant. There's only one thing that's hated more here in Philadelphia, and that's a Dallas Cowboy. 'Though I aint never been that crazy 'bout Philadelphia.


What a man, what a man. I'm new to this site and love everything from the hot boys to the gay black news I can fin nowhere else. Love that man, hmmm.


Oh, I can die happy now. I've seen the promised land.


Will Demps is sauteed and sizzling!

I believe he accompanied a big Black 'Bear' Giant player invited to be a guest on "Emeril Live." That lineman's name escapes
me but can you blame me, when Will,
a side dish, dessert and chef's special of the day, is so scrumptous a sight to feast upon!

As to another most beautiful man,
deft player and model is Johnnie
Morton, former Detroit Lion, KC Chief and also SF 49er, released and waiting to be 'picked-up.' At
first glance, Will's pix resembles
this other soulful brutha bashed and not given his props at KC or in the hateful, homophobic NFL league.

Hey, Rod, call Will and Johnnie:
"Let's DO lunch!" LOLuv


I think that he is the sexiest man alive!



Larissa B.

Will demps is not pretty! He's simply a handsome man. I am truly one of his biggest fans and I don't appreciate the negative jokes or comments about this wonderful guy. I love everything about him, so haters bite me!!!!!!!!1

I love you Will, and keep up the good work!

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