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06 October 2006


Derrick from Philly

We know that slavery and racism has something to do with the fucked-up anti-gay, misogynistic mentality of many people of color--not just Jamaicans. But can we never get them to realize that it is un-African to be such sexual hypocrites?

daniel Torino

Wow, two papers, two totally diferent takes on homophobia in Jamaica.


Despite being shut-out in SF, the homophobe performed here in LA

David L.R.

We can only hope and pray that conditions improve in Jamaica for our brothers and sisters, straight and gay. As Americans, sometimes we become preoccupied with our own land, but we should never forget that gays and lesbians are killeed in the Carribbean daily. Without remorse.

Trevor St. John

I've been a lurker for some months now and am only beginning to comment. My family is from Barbados and I really appreciate your interest in Carribean gay men. Many of the American black gay activist tend to focus on the music and performers here in the states. But you seemcontent to quietly advocate for the safety and well-being of the residents.

Keep up the good work. It's nowonder you were nominate dand won Best LGBT Blog.


The entire Afro-Caribbean culture is peppered with homophobia. It's used as a tool to demonstrate masculinity and "being a man." You see the same type of bravado in the inner cities. Fortunately, while honophobia may be somewhat accepted in this countey, killing people for their sexuality usually is not, even if the projects and such. Or not?

Damion Williams

Yes it's true that Jamaica got Rape, murder and proverty problem's, but please tell me where the world can you find a society without these pars.

As a matter of fact, it's the same homo's who are causing the growing AIDS problem, it's the same Homo's raping boy child's, it's the same homo's degrading our culture and religions with there lifestyle.

It's not homophobic, we are just pretecting what left of our pride, culture and sanity

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