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04 October 2006



Ok, now where's the love from Jason Tiya?

Jason, you're up!

Ryan Canty


I.SEE.YOU.ROD!! lol!

the message was cool..Marc Williams is tres sexy, no?


We're allowed to swoon, yes? Quietly in the corner here? Thanks.

Darryl Jackson

Tres sexy? HELLA SEXY.

Okay Rod, it's time for you and him to just get a room and stop plain' around.


I have the same name and the same obsessions ! So i see it a little for me too. Thanks Mark, you remind me of one of my ex-boyfriend, you're the stud !!

Jeff Hobbs

oh my god hes so fine. love his you tube video in the white undies. nothing like an ass you can set your drink on!:)


HEY GUYS, i want to say thanks to you guys for the nice messeges on the blog and showing love and also the shoot with jason is taking place next weekend so keep an eye out for it on my site MARCWILLIAMSXXX.COM

barron pier

you are onek of the most beautiful men i have ever laid eyes on or ever will. can i send you a picture and be considered for a shoot or movie,and do you do blondes

Rino Rollins

Marc i am an 18yr old black male am still a virgin looking for the right black guy out their to make my life happy i wish i cud meet you

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