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16 October 2006


Keith Boykin

Thanks for getting the word out Rod.

taylor Siluwé

The rally/press conference was all I hoped it would be.

ALL the usual characters were there, Keith Boykin (as I expected and would been pissed if I didn't see him) ... bloggers Bejata and Donald Agarrat and so many more other who I don't know personally. I went out for cocktails after (why do we do that?) and its 4 in the morning now and I'm a little drunk and just wanted to say that I'm thrilled that our community is finally stepping up to the plate when needed, myself included.

Peace and love fam' ....


Yes, but as Andres at Blabbeando points out today, haven't we been here before?

Michael Sandy wasn't the first and won't be the last and frankly, I'm tired of speeches and rallies. Something more is needed on a very fundamental level. Michael could have been anyone of us who reaches out to the wrong person, hoping for a connection.

Angela Davis

Where is Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton?


Im reminded of anti-lynching advocate Ida B Wells's words that "the winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black house". Im not a gun advocate, but we have to somehow be equipped to protect ourselves.


I shot some pics of the Rally



Dagg... I am mad I am just seeing this now... dayum... I would have liked to attend

Derrick from Philly

Hey, Rod, we all hope you're all right. Get well soon.


^^ ditto what Derrick said. Get well and have a great weekend


this is what happens when u become a snow-queen? leave those white boiz alone ...

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