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28 October 2006



Ohmygod. This is the very best. That's rigt, nail those hypocrites.


So is he supposed to be closeted? The chairman of the party? That's incredible.


[Deleted by Administrator.]


That's hardly the issue. The problem is that the Republican Party is demonizing gays and that is often the central issue of many state and national platforms.

Considering that the chairman of the own party will not say if he is gay or straight, sounds very hypocritical to me.


This is just like the token blacks of the GOP, get a couple of handouts and sit around and hear all the hate spewed in the name of "conserving" the good old days. He is nothing short of a hypocrite, just like the blacks in that "party." Anything to make the big bucks and no sort of problem with all the bad karma that is the GOP.

Alan T

It's right to espose these hypocrites. They make a living from attacking gays and many themselves are gay.

If he's not, why doesn't he just say it? Why keep saying it's no one's business, but yet makes it his party's business to go after us?

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