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04 October 2006


C. Baptiste-Williams

I don't understand how Noah's Arc is allegedly such a hit for Logo but yet there were only 8 episodes in their season??

Darryl Jackson

It's probably just cheaper for them to produce 8 episodes as opposed to the standard 8 to 13.

If people are watching, people are watching. Let's face it, Logo doesn't offer mkuch. But the mainstream gay media has been very slow to acknowledge "Noah's Arc."

Good call on the Jason Steed-homophobia connection.

Ryan Canty

interesting post, Rod. And Steed is intriguing. I like his character on Noah.

The gay bashing and the homophobia hit close to home for me also.

I'm going to check out the Pink Mafia piece with Steed

Alan T

Hey, I really miss those incredible LMAO recaps that you used to do of Noah's Arc. However, if I may point something out, the snark was always balanced by excellent coverage of Noah's Arc in the news, you have always found good spin on news articles, interviews and analysis.

By the way, why no more recaps? took too much timke or the show just became too ... well, you know.


Thanks for the link to the LAT piece, which I hadn't yet found. But what's up with this sort of throwaway line:

"The show is leading a kind of double life; the four photogenic stars of the series have been cover boys on the Advocate and other gay publications, and Jet magazine last month published an article on the series."

I thought it was pretty lazy, offensive short-hand for saying the show has crossover appeal. Curious on your take.


Actually, the whole piece was a throw-away line. I think that's why just highlighted one remark and segued into the homophobia and Jason Steed parts.

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