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11 October 2006


Joe Jons

Condi has to toe the administration line, but she is probably among the most gay-freindly of the senior administration.

Lee Owens

Now, this is hot. I wake up to see a gorgeous black ballet dancer and then Condi Rice swearing in a gay man and referencing his partner.


Well, it's National Coming Out day. Condi did her part.

Samuel I

Interesting that the Repubs trot out their gay AIDS ambassador now.


not at all impressed, not by "condi" or the gay angle since its a photo op, nothing more. with the bush white house it has been open season on gay men and women, and this means nothing other than to placate the log cabin republicans. was he approved by congress for this job, or just one of bush's appointees? if she could put on this "face" of subjective compassion, i would like to see it for the genocide going on in sudan, but since they are black, she has no interst in that. harsh comment about her, indeed as that situation is for millions. she has her fans, but, i for one am not one, not one nice thing i can think of to say that she has done while collecting a pay check at the tax payers expense, just like her boss.


Seems to me swearing him in while the Republicans are dealing with the Foley mess is an attempt to show they are 'not homophobic', which is one of the lines being used to excuse their inaction when the first red flags went up around the pages. Personally I don't think it washes or compensates for the previous years of attacks on LGBT people. Now if he names a lesbian (or my partner and I) to be ambassador to France...


I guess timing is everything. . .and politics. Any guess on whether he's a Republican or not?


Well. All things considered, three is a pretty good number. These are politcal appointments after all. It's not right, but it's ok. Of course, they send out Dr. Rice.


Uh, shit. It's her Department. Gay or not, it's an ambassadorial post and he works for her. She's supposed to swear him in, for Christ's sake.

Besides, from what I understand, he's done outstanding work in the field and deserves the job.

Swing vote

I don't think the problem here is that the guy is a homosexual. The problem is the Bush Administration, along with most of the Republican Party, plays the morality card. They talk about values and equate them to Biblical teachings.

I think this is just another example of what David Kuo is trying to say in his book, "Tempting Faith". The Christians are being used for their votes. The Republican Party is no more the party of the Christians that the Democrats are for secular views. Politics is politics.

As to the Foley Scandal...well, it's not good. But I am not so sure it is going to undo Republican control this election. But by raising doubts, it certainly will help erode their power.

Rev. R. P. Orso D.D.

Any man, gay or otherwise who can stand by this current administrations refusal to fund condoms as a mean to prevent aids in our country and abroad is not doing "excellent work". Abstinence is not enough, and doesn't work. Sex happens and protection is the safest way to stop AIDS in a world outside the conservative agenda's convent of sexual abstinence policies.

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