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13 October 2006



Mr. Sandy has passed on and the prosecutors are going for felony murder charges along with the other hate crime charges against the three goons who took part in the attack.

What purpose does this whole thing serve? Another brother savagely assaulted because he was gay. When will this shit end!

Rest in Peace, Michael...


Brothers have got to be careful with these internet hookups...those days are over for me


This is totally ridiculous. I feel so sorry for his family.


I feel sorry for the human race. God dammit..

I'm only happy the charges against the four kids will be more severe now. And glad they ARE getting charged. A man was beaten to death here in Vancouver several years ago, in a very similar situation (he was in his 40s, the attackers were 5 kids ranging from 17 to 21), but the case was dragged out and the attackers barely charged with anything. One got house arrest for a year.

Peace & Love folks.


This has got to be difficult time for the family. My prayers go out to them. The perpetrators deserve to be convicted to the fullest extent of the law. This is a hate crime with strong racial overtones. Again, this recent incident should be a clarion call to brothas who use these online hook-up services: you are putting your lives at risk! I, for years, on and off, subscribed to different Internet chat/dating services. I used them because I was lonely, desperate, and, let's just say "hormonal." However, I always judged them to be "for entertainment purposes only." If ever I decided to accept an offer to meet someone, I did it in very public place, where there were witnesses, and I left a trail, or I met them after I had been chatting with, emailing, and/or calling them for a couple of YEARS at minimum. The futility of searching for the so-called 'right match', and might I say, immaturity of the majority of people I met online, made me abandon these services again and again. Bottom line: don't fall victim to your own desperation and vice. I fear that Mr. Sandy, the good brotha that he probably was, may have done so, with very tragic results. May he now rest in peace.


It is so sad that a young mans life has been taken because of hate. One positive is that now gay men and woman will be more careful with meeting strangers.I hope and pray that the guys will be punished to the fullest.

Celebrity Bulge Blog

Evil, evil people. So sad. :( But please, everyone, be safe.


nytimes.com story on the investigation:



Regardless of what the police are going to do and how many charges are being brought... it breaks my heart.

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