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05 October 2006


Darryl Jackson

Thanks so much for remembering Tamara. Her star was eclipsed by Pam Grier but she was no less remarkable. She will be missed.


rest in peace miss dobson, i sure loved seeing her beautiful self in those movies.


Thanks for this, I read about her passing earlier today. And for those of us old enough to know sister-girl was the one:)


I have been wodering about her recently. I saw Cleopatra Jones when I was 8 or 9. RIP Tamara


I was totally MESMERIZED by Tamara Dobson when I was a child! What a stunning woman


Bless you Tamara, a diva and an icon. Time to dust off my Cleopatra Jones VHS and re-live the fierceness.


To the Dobson family you're in my prayers and thoughts. Tamara was a remarkable lady, not only did she portray strength, she was strong in her beliefs on and off the screen. RIP CLEO!! You will be missed but not forgotten.


My prayers go out to the Dobson family. I grew up watching STARS like Tamara and very much appreciate the contributions taught to my generation in the means of having black strong and positive role models. I know that my family who has passed on has accepted her with much love. Thank you God for loaning Tamara Dobson to us.


Tamara Dobson was a beautiful and stunning women. In cleopatra jones movies she was without a doubt the most beautiful women in hollywood She was a perfect 10 and god bless her and take care of her


Good bye Tamara you were my favorite lady. I loved your movies. May God Bless you.

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