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05 October 2006


Jan D

Hey Rod.

I've been lurking for a minute but wanted to tell you that this site is phenomenal. You stay up to date with politics, pop culture and hot men! I love it.

Brandon T

Wow. To add insult to injury.


and to think, mary bono has a huge gay and lesbian voter base in the palm springs area. i wonder if they are up in arms with this trash proposal that will affect many of the hiv postitive residents as the area has quite a few living there, and while not as expensive as nyc, not cheap either.

Alan T

Does Mary Bono have gay ssupport? I always thought that she had many gay constituents but was fairly anti-gay. I think the new formula would help her area at the expense of Los Angeles or NYC.


Looking to make more POZitive friends, meet me (was homless a few years ago) on http://www.AIDSchat.org ;)

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