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07 October 2006


Joe Jons

That is a great reminder that not every church follows Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. The UCC is sooo supportive. Bless them.

Jimmy David

Okay, here we go again. I didn't even know that Mass. had a black Democratic nominee for governor.

A. Ronald

BRAVO! The United Church of Christ consistently stands up for minorities and LGBT. Brothers and sisters who are looking for a church home, look no farther. Go to where you are wanted.

Gianni B

Rod, this is totally off-topic.

I just want to add to the numerous cmpliments that you have received lately. I was so sorry to hear and read those negative comments and that made me realize that many if not most of us take you and this site for granted.

It really is one of the best gay blogs....blogs period....that I've read. It's not all about your life and not all fluff on Destiny's Child. I am a half black and half Italian man living in Rome and am so impressed that you take the time to find news and information about black gay men everywhere. Keep up the great work.

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