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12 October 2006


Earl FF

How you doin', lol, He is always saying he is not gay, they are usually the ones.




L'uomo di Afrique es tres magnifico.

Bradley Jax

Oh I believe that. Usher looking for a daddy, heehee.


Yeah...A similar situation happened to me a few weeks ago with one of my "very straight" friends. He ended up with a girl, we had met at the club, though.
Oh well, gay or not, he fwoiine!!

A. Ronald

Interesting report about the birds and bees. As far as Usher ... I'm so sure, lol.

Ryan Canty

Usher: OOOOH, HOW YOU DOIN? AWWW ROOOOIIIIGHHHTTTT!!! lol! Usher--an "older" gentleman? honey, his ass was at Splash getting his groove on! :)

Cool beans to hear about the philadelphia school district--im glad SOMEONE is starting to truly diversify things....though i wonder if the POC LGBT folk will be represented in these daily honorings this month.

Derrick from Philly

You know the HipHop culture seems so "anti-traditional entertainment" that I never thought of a HipHop artist being interested in theater or Broadway (my, how gay). But I guess from Will Smith and P. Diddy to Queen Latifa, Beyonce, and now, Usher; these folks are the same as those of us who wanted to be show biz people when we were little kids in the 1960's and before. Usher wants to sing Broadway show tunes too! Is that gay? ...yeeeah.


If Usher had said no when asked to go dancing with known gay male dancers I'm sure some would have said he's homophobic. Now he goes dancing with said dancers and despite his denials he's being labelled as gay.Nothing wrong with being gay,I'm gay.But to me it just seems that Usher seems to be confident with his own sexuality whatever it may be and he doesn't care what others may think.More power to him.Most celebs cave to their PR person and would/will not attend Gay events/venues for fear of "ruining" their straight image read Financial Income.LSS treat deserving people with respect and in return Life will respect you whatever your orientation.Enjoy life to its fullest everyday because tomorrow is not promised to you.


i saw usher at club love in dc and he was talkin to this guy all in his ear like he was tryna rap and this guy was gay he was flaling around the whole night like a lil faggie and like 10 mins later they leave vip and come back like 25 mins later u tell me?


man shut da hell up. the mam said he's not gay then he's not. people have nothing else better to do with their lives, damn.


I Dont think he's 100% gay i just think he's bisexual, thats why he married that funny looking girl because she looks like a man i would be really amazed if they last one year. as straight as i mightbe i would give it up to usher he's just so fine to me.

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