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13 October 2006



Oh, too funny, they have a babe of the week. You should highlight these more often.

Derrick from Philly

Every black Republican I've ever met has been peculiar and what they call "nerdy". Now, many Democrats/liberals/leftest/socialist/communists are peculiar too, but we don't cover it with a facade of respectability and old fashioned morality. Republicans' domestic policy is based on greed, white racism, religious intolerance; their foreign policy is based on continuing 400 years of white male supremacy. I guess some black folks see something for themselves in that shit.


Republican Babe of the Week??? They name one weekly???

They don't even ATTEMPT to hide their sexism.

The GOP puts the "S" in "sleazy."


where do they find thse people, and how much do they pay them to spew the party platform? i guess she is as bad as that other right win nut, ann colter with the gay bashing, have these women ever had a man that rocks thier world, or, do they think they can change a gay one? just wait until she goes to a gop fund raiser and gets a taste of how they REALLY feel about her, then "babe" it will be too funny :rolling my eyes in total disgust: and, just for the record, i for one don't care about the whole gay marriage issue, which is just a divisive code word that will be around for te next 50 years. there are far too many pressing issues for me as a black man first and foremost.


Her eyes tell a story.
Tight, mean, beady eyes - like Ann Coulters and the "God Hates Fags" woman.
Eyes full of fear and hated, that have never been loved or felt joy.
She's staring into the camera like she's lifeless and soulless. In fact, she probably sold her soul to the GOP to get all this attention, knowing that if she were just another Democrat, no one would pay her any attention, because Liberals don't get to be on TV.


Minorities who are republican is just sad.. Im not saying you HAVE to be dem's but damn its the same lvl as a new-age house negro..

Ola Ray Fan

Is that a Classy Curl she's sporting? Looks kinda dry though. More activator is needed.
Now if she had a gay friend, maybe her look would be more stylish.

Chandra Aronsohn Canales

theres no place in my america for a repuglican, homophobe, antisemitic, house nigger bigot. get out of america, the voters have spoken!


Amy Holmes is no "babe" but a scourge upon society. She once had the audacity to suggest that all people in the U.S. afflicted AIDS should be removed and quarrantined.


The old line that liberals are the biggest racists in this country has been proven true by the comments posted in this thread.
Its very interesting that the only response you "open minded liberals" can formulate regarding Amy Holmes' political views is to make petty personal comments about her hair, her appearance and to call her a bigoted "house nigger". You people are pathetic hypocrites! Amy is an AMERICAN CITIZEN who has the right to chose for HERSELF what political ideology she will embrace. NEWSFLASH, the plantation you seem to thing you're on is closed and you no longer control the minds of Black people. Get over it.
Anytime a Black person expresses some autonomy, you "liberals" become patronizing and indignant and attack them for having the audacity to challenge your arrogant belief system. Your comments about Amy prove you to be as sexist, racist and bigoted as the conservatives you criticize.
Finally, Chandra, your name suggests that you are likely of East Indian descent. How long has your family been in this country, really? Do you really have any genuine knowledge about the term "house nigger", and, are you really in a position to hurl that insult at Amy Holmes?
Since you like to sling insults, I'm sure you won't mind it if someone refers to you as Macacca!
A plague on all your houses.

Signed: Fed up with fake close minded liberals

Clayton Oliver

Personally, I think Amy Holmes is one the most beautiful women I've seen on T.V.in quite some time. Polical views aside what white and black mixed can create is truly amazing.

Aaron Coleman

Personally, I can't stand her.
She is a right wing mouthpiece, offering up the conservative "talking points" d'jour...
I rather enjoyed seeing Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, "eat her lunch", on Anderson Cooper 360, the other day, as he "schooled" her, that race, indeed, may have been a factor in Obama's second place showing in New Hampshire.

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