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29 November 2006



OMG. Darryl Stephens really is gorgeous, thanks, any links are appreciated.

Henry TW

darryl really is juust beautiful to look at. nice "only in la" story too.

as always, your spin is priceless, rod.


Darryl's features are very striking. I wish I could hear him say this passage, am always impressed by his expressions.

Slightly off-topic, but thanks as always for for finding news on Darryl. With so many gay black men pre-occupied with thugs and gangstas, I'm always happy to see you show different types here.


Why didn't Darryl Stephens receive a Clik Award for his work on Noah and in film? Also why didn't you receive one Rod? You both were nominated.


Never sure how I feel about his talents, but this picture is EXQUISITE!

And I agree completely ATL KID! How did Daryl not win?? And ROD didn't either? Doesn't smell sweet coming out of ATL, especially since DWIGHT POWELL GAVE HIMSELF HIS OWN MAGAZINE'S AWARD!

BUT that's another day!


I believe the voting was open to the public. I remember seeing a link to the ballot on Keith Boykin's site a few months ago.


i remember seeing some ads on this site and keith's about the awards, but i don't remember a link to any ballots. if there were, i certainly would have voted for many people. i went to the clik awards site several times, but don't remember ballots.

but there were many fine people who wee nominated and won. i was just curious, rod and darryl's ommission was very obvious.

on the topic, i'm not thrilled with darryl's noah character but i do like his versatlity on film. the parker posey comparison was very cute.

congrats to all.

brad lindau

There really is no use in getting sidetracked on the awards. It's a great idea because the GLAAD awards and Out 100 don't always recognize our peeps. I was very happy to see them and it was the first year.

That being said, I'm very pleased to see Darryl on this site so often. I used to think that Rod didn't like Darryl but I see its just the opposite--he loves Darryl but not the Noah character. I think. Not too sure how Tyson, Daniel Norell and TJ Holmes are feeling but Darryl certainly deserved to be profiled at Beautiful.


This was a beautiful interview of a beautiful young man. It's so refreshing to hear about his own life and personality opposed to all Noah all the time.

He really is beautiful.


Darryl reads comics? I love him even more.

Jimmy David

I think what's important to note and that we can all agree upon is that Darryl Stephens really is a beautiful person. He takes incredible photos and gives great interview--giving ups to his mom and being very open abnout his somewhat femme mannerisms. Which is kinda sexy, imho.

I think it's also very obvious that Rod likes his work, which is why Darryl gets significant play on this site. A lot of us unfairly criticized Rod at first with the recaps but there is no doubt that Rod has done a fabulous job advancing the show, probably more than almost anyone. The same with Clik magazine when he was writing for Clik. I've been following this site since the early days, it's very sophisticated and not like many of the gay black blogs that some of us are used to. I think it just took some of us a while to understand where he is coming from.

You know how our people can be, it's only too bad that the white gay community is obviously giving Darryl and Rod the recognition that we sometimes want to hold back. The Advocate named Rod 2.0 to its top ten of gay blogs and it was voted best lgbt by the Black Weblogs. They are both winners in my book.

Rod McCullom

Thanks for the kind words. I guess my Darryl card has been peeped. He's very stunning and I'm glad the Beautiful boys talked to him. They are great guys.

Regarding the Clik Awards, I'm very flattered that myself, Darryl and many others were nominated. It is a great idea to recognize our community, we are so often ignored and the smiles on those faces were priceless.

Talk to y'all lata.


hey everyone:

Loved the Beautiful Boys interview..it definitely shows darryl in a different light other him being "Noah" on the show...

And, he is quite stunning, no?

As for not getting a Clik Award: Awards are a wonderful thing. But, usually those are really forward thinking OR are doing something of note are rarely congratulated or rewarded.

Your blog, along with a few others, has been much been on the forefront of reporting/commenting on all things pop culture, political, current events, etc. and you've always done it in a very fair and non-biased perspective. As far as Im concerned, you already have plenty of awards in my book. :)

But, good work period.


Let me agree with Ryan. The Beautiful interview with Darryl Stephens presents him as very thoughtful and maybe sexy nerdy. Green Lantern plus a gym boy? I like that. Plus, he was fabulous in "Boy Culture", so glad you hipped us to that movie.

Also, as Ryan said, this really has become "the" destination weblog for all things black and gay. Keith Boykin, as you mentioned before Rod, is iconic. But you're bringing something different to the table. I love the news, I love humor and topics, I love the fact that you're determined to edu-mucate us on world events when many of us would rather remain uninvolved. I love the fact that Beautiful wrote you up and you didn't mention it.

Both of you are doing wonderful work. Keep it up.

Samuel I

I'm pleasantly surprised that the comments veered in this direction. Darryl Stephens is hot. Period. I love this interview and the pictures of him at Beautiful. And I love this site fotr always turning us on to things such as that.

'Nuff said. But I LOVE YOU DARRYL.

C. Baptiste-Williams

those lips are deadly


He really is very gorgeous and has such a beautiful spirit. We love you Darryl, especially those lips. :)


I admire that darryl is so comfortable in his own skin. He really is a role-model, even though that is probably not his intent.

Franklyn Smith

This was a great interview at beautiful, someone earlier said that Darryl is a role model and indeed he is.

Rod, do you know Darryl perosnally? What is he like?

Ed Rawley

We're just about to get Noah's Arc in Britain--hopefully--but I have already ordered the DVDs after reading about the show on this site. Darryl seems like an absolutely wonderful lad, those were splendid photos.

He spoke very honestly.

Ken Harper

I really do love Darryl. I could watch him all day.


There's a big NOAH'S ARC spread in the new issue of French gay magazine Baby Boy! There's interviews with Darryl Stephens, Jensen Atwood and Patrik-Ian Polk (the latter conducted in Paris where they also screened a preview of some episodes for a sold-out Parisian audience). The articles are of course in French, but if you speak the language, it's a good spread. The show premieres on France's Pink TV January 9th! the Baby Boy website is www.babyboy.fr
CHECK IT OUT...Way cool that this show we all love so much is making its way around the globe!

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