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08 November 2006



Especially considering how he's @#$%ed up the country!

Andy in Seattle

The funnest part was Bush all but admitting he bald-faced LIED to reporters last week, saying Rummy would stay on another two years "just to get onto the next question."

If the WH Press Corps had any balls they'd have been all over him like the street kids on Sebastian at the climax of SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER.


did he same some bs about "our troops are in Iraq not knowing whether they are going to have adequate supplies"

Andy in Seattle

I wouldn't be surprised, DFS. I say we start the stopwatch on how quickly the Bush White House starts spinning ANY bad times in Iraq as a result of the Democrats' election victories rather than Cheney/Rummy's gross negligence. How long? Days? Hours? Minutes?


Rod..you say the senate is tied 50-50. Isnt it 50-49 for Dems (assuming the 2 independents go along with them)?

The Virginia senate race has yet to declare winner last I heard

Thanks and great news!


I thought he seemed his usually defensive self, it will be nothing but grid lock as he has no clue as to how to be bipartisan as has been evidenced the past 6 years, his way or the highway. the Iraq war while on my radar wasn't the most important thing, it was the supreme court getting another right wing out of touch with the real world white man on its bench and the lack of any real dealings to help the people of the Darfur region of the Sudan, hopefully the democrats will push this issue. And, I got the best laugh of the day when the reporter asked about Pelosi's comment about him not being too smart, duh!

Rod McCullom

You need 51 for a majority...
And you always need a 100 total.

VA is still counted in Republican hands because Allen is the Republican incumbent.

When it turns, then you update your total.


hey rod!

thanks for this post...im glad that you also explained to folks at how crucial it is for the dems to get 51 seats instead of 50 to TRULY claim the senate...

I'm not sure about what's going on with VA (Last I heard, it was still being contested)

But, I'm glad that Dems have ENOUGH seats in the senate to have a powerful voice to make some change


I'm glad that Webb is leading Allen by a margin (around 8,000 votes, without provisional votes added in) that probably couldn't be overturned by a recount. One thing Allen should keep in mind is that the FBI is now investigating some of the pre-election and election day shenanigans that the Republicans were engaging in, and some point directly to his campaign, so he really ought to consider just conceding and doing the country a huge favor. It's really the least he could do.

As for Rumsfeld, I want to see what will happen now when he's called to testify under oath in both the House and, it looks like, the Senate. Bush can say Rumsfeld is no longer part of the administration and that he wants to "move on"--just wait for this meme to surface--and he'll have 2 months to ground this into the media's heads. I really hope the Democrats don't stop with Rumsfeld, since it has been clear he hasn't been the only one calling the disastrous shots in Iraq. As the old saying goes, the fish rots from the head, and that wasn't Rumsfeld....

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