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29 November 2006



So they are interested in fighting AIDS but have conditions on who they will work with. The ddisease is killing people, you need allies.


That's just it. As they admitted, the far right really could care less about disease, poverty of AIDS. If they truly did care, they would seek out allies and alliances.

Slightly off-base, Rod, I'm a member of the new United Church of Christ congregation in Dallas that you mentioned, Cathedral of Love. Thanks for looking for the positive. I assume you are also a church boy, that's very good. Are you UCC?

Rod McCullom

Rob, good observation. Many people assume I am UCC or ECUSA but now, I'm a plain ole Methodist. The United Mehodist Church is having its own pains about accepting gay members and clergy. My congregation is extremely accepting and gay-friendly but not all the congregations are. It's worth it to stay in the church and advocate change, a least my two home congregations are very friendly.

If the rhetoric changes too much, I may look elsewhere. ;)

C. Baptiste-Williams

It amazes me with the teenage pregnancy rate and the HIV rate the way it is that distribution of condoms is still an issue


Condoms are still an issue by people who put their head in the sand, hoping the problem will go away.


The so-called Christians on the far right are not intterested in love or compassion, just hate.

Ken Harper

The far right so called Christians are anything but right and anything but Christians. I'm glad Obama went ahead and spoke. Tools.

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