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08 November 2006



The RNC knows thier voter base, and in the Deep South, it has been and always will be about race, so, show a black guy after a white woman, and you've got your vote, even though, I still am at a loss about what is so great about white women. Hopefully the Hispanics will become a force and can break this grip they have with thier party based on fear, hatred and sadly still racism.

PS: Great election coverage Rod, thans :).

A. Ronald

Just echoing Jared's comments. The GOP has managed to exploit race as a wedge issue in the south. They will stop at nothing to retain control. But good analysis, Ford ran a great campaign and a very tight race.

Spot-on job as always, when did you sleep?


No, the gays didn't cotton to him, not even black gays, which was surprising because he has been gay positive on other issues. You can't be single issue on gay marriage, esecially when it is illegal in most states anyway.


you know Greg, i fell off my seat when i saw that my state, arizona defeated the gay mariage thing!! this state is as gop and deep south as you can get since it use to be called the mississippi of the west in the civil rights movement for its horrible treatment of blacks and hispanics. and to my glee, john mccain flopped on it, sending out all those silly fliers for the ban in his usual flip flop attempt to curry favor with the right wing of his party.


I disagree that the Dems win when they are in the center. I think it is too easy to say Ford did not win only because he is Black--he lost because he is no different than a Republican. Economic populism won last night which shows that Dems win they act like Democrats.


From another website:

Any notion that Democrats won because they ran a field of candidates who lean right on social issues is bunk (as both the NY Times and the W. Post suggest, apparently following the lead of Rep. Rahm Emanuel.)

Yes, there are candidates like Sen.-elect Bob Casey (PA), Rep.-elect Brad Ellsworth (IN) and Rep.-elect Heath Shuler (NC) who are anti-abortion.

But Sen.-elect Sherrod Brown and Sen.-elect Claire McCaskill support reproductive freedom and won in Ohio and Missouri. Rep.-elect Harry Mitchell is pro-choice and beat prominent conservative Rep. J.D. Hayworth in Arizona.

And South Dakota voters rejected a statewide ban on abortion.

(Montana's Jon Tester, who is leading as this writing, is pro-choice too.)

It's not a problem if the Democratic Party embraces candidates with differing views on moral questions. (It has never been a problem that anti-abortion Harry Reid leads us in the Senate.)

It is a problem if the party wrongly believes it must do so, and must marginalize liberal moral values, in order to win -- because that attitude will fracture the party and compromise core principles.

And it's a really big problem if these guys don't help the Democratic team stop Bush from shoving our judiciary even farther to the right-wing.

Rod McCullom

This is Rod.

If "economic populism" won ... all the Republicans would be out of office, no? And if "Dems win they act like Democrats" ... why has the GOP had a lock on the White House and Congress for much of the last 20 plus years?

Also, the anonymous commentary from another website? I'm not impressed. I also don't apreciate being misquoted and never said race was the only reason Ford lost. The fact remains that Harold Ford won 49% of the vote in Tennessee. A black man won that vote in a southern state that is only 17% black. That speaks for itself and answers your own questions.

The last time the Democrats captured the White House ... '92 and '96 ... it was with a Southern governor who was a centrist. The party's left wing is going to have to accept the fact that they will never have a Howard Dean or Russ Feingold in the White House. Liberal and moderate Republicans worked with Reagan, Bush and Bush II. When are we going to follow that example? Judging every candidate against a progressive litmus test is like how some gay men compare every man they meet to the "man of their dreams" ... and never have a boyfriend.

I like winning. I also like having dates and boyfriends. ;)


I was simply respoding to your comment about the need to be "in the center." I am sick and tired of being told that as a liberal, I am not welcome in the Democratic party. Yes, I have been told this. I know NO progressives who state that centrists are not important to the party. We do not want to be told that our way is the wrong way and we will never win being liberal. I disagree. I think Democrats have been tryiong to be Republican-light for some time.

By the way, the website was liberaloasis.com. Sorry for not stating that--thought I did. I pasted that section to show that there need not be a litmus test but many in the leadership are using such a test against liberals. Why not say "some of use liberal, some of us are centrists but we are all Democrats." No, Bill Clinton tells Kerry in 04 to comne out against gay marriage.

BTW, some of us are liberal/progressive and have life partners so perhaps we can "dream big" and actually get what we want.

Ice Cold Yellow Brotha

Harold Ford Jr. may have lost, but he ran a pretty good race. He will be heard from again. Thanks Bro. Harold for representing so well. '06 Frater.


I thought that Harold Ford's consession speech was very polished and well done. I'm positive that he'll be back on the hustings in the very near future.

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