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09 November 2006



i dont think its right to out people. never have. its a personal decision, and a person has to take many things into account.

[Ed: "SM", I know you and am sorry you still hold grudges, even though you moved from NYC to ATL. We'll talk soon, tho.]


Bill Maher is a beast..im shocked. i agree with sm, but wow...

I love Maher but I'm not sure how I feel about him outing someone...

Then again, I guess he probably felt the same way when he was linked with SUPAHEAD Karine Stephens (sorry, but if i was a straight man, i would claim her AT ALL)


I am in complete favor of outing when the closeted person is doing terrifice damage to homosexuals and the pursuit of equal rights. Personal decision be damned.

That said, Bill Maher read for blood when he spoke of conservatives and abortion and of course, the last gagg! about self-hate being the greatest love of all.

All I could think was "YUS!"


I like Bil Maher. I saw the live version and I have no problem with what he said. And, as a matter of correction, to those who said otherwise, Bill did say that he was not the first to out Mehlman. (otherwise he'd be sued). As far as CNN editing the transcript, I'm rather surprised that they would do that.


LOL@ Fear.

Rod, they removed the video clip. I'm so glad I had a chance to see it before they did.


The gaggety gagg gagg was also when he said:

"I'm surprised at the conservative stance on abortion because conservatives are so intent on killing what's inside of them."


CNN f*&ked up. What probably would have been yesterday's news will be tomorrow's scandal.

CNN, reportably "the most trusted news source" (at least in their minds) is caught blatantly censoring it's broadcast and, Ken Mehlman- who 90 percent of americans probably never heard of- becomes publicly identified with the growing list of sleazy closet cases working the corners for the republican party.

I can only imagine how this election would have ended if so many bloggers didn't get the real story out. And continue to do so.

As for outing an individual; to each his own unless the closet case works to harm others- politically, socially, or economically. In that case, drag them out kicking and screaming. It ain't so bad; there's always a book deal on the other end, and a celebrity focus spot on CNN.

Rod McCullom

FYI to anyone who thinks Bill Maher "outed" Ken Mehlman, please check the "Republican Party" archives here. Mehlman has been on my radar for months.

Memo to "sm": Mehlman has approved the Republican Party's many anti-gay campaigns, messages and advertising. For years he has dodged questions about his sexuality. If you've never heard about them, either you are new to this page or simply choose to ignore what has reported elsewhere.

j. brotherlove

Well done, Bill. You too, Rod.

I'm not a fan of outing either. But there comes a point when your negative karma bites you in the ass. The fact is, many people will pull your gay card if you act like an ass.

Mehlman got his card yanked for good reason. And CNN showed it's true colors when they edited and pulled the original content. I'm going to look for this original video.

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