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20 November 2006



Just as upsetting was McCain saying that there's no need for laws to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. He said while it's wrong to discriminate against gay people, there's no need for laws protecting gay people from losing their jobs because employers don't agree with their sexual orientation. It seems that employment and housing discrimination, as much as gay marriage, is something that we need to be talking to congress about.


What it all boils down to is the government getting too involved in our daily lives. The constitution is supposed to keep the governemnt out of our personal affairs, but people seem to be forgetting that. Another point that has slipped by the way side is equal protection of the law. If we as a country would understand that I think there would be less meaningless arguments and the government could focus on real problems, like the economy or foreign policy.

j. brotherlove

Democrats would do well to note this "flip flopping" since it's supposedly a sign of weakness only they exhibit.

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