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08 November 2006


A. Ronald

Didn't even know that GMAD had a magazine. Have to check it out.


I've seen that issue. It does look very slick, it's quite readable.

Henry TW

That's interesting. Minnesota sent a black man to congress, Massachuseets elects a governor, Seattle had black mayor, LA in the 80s ... these places had very small black populations.

Kai in NYC

Have you seen a copy of Pulse yet, Rod? It certainly had some interesting articles, but I was baffled by the ubiquity of heavy make-up (lipstick and blush included) on all the (male) models in the magazine. It was kind of alternate-universe-ish. Am I behind the times? Have the trends passed me by? Do all gay men (personal trainers and executive directors included) now wear as much make-up as women going to the embassy ball? Break it down for me, y'all.


for once, i can say i live in arizona and not under my breath,with the loss of the gay marriage thing, makes me wonder if our asexual govenor who won by a landslide agaisnt the guy behind the ban thing helped with her popularity. but its tempered glee since though the better man lost for the senate :(


Rod the link to the article doesn't work for the Muslim Man - could you please either fix or send me the article - I need to send it to my mom - thanks!


Thanks, Rod, for the link to the Post article on Ellison. This certainly hasn't gotten much other press.

And he's cute, too. But is he single?

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