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30 November 2006



The ER storyline will be very and it was totally unexpected.


The ER storyline was an unexpected pleasure. Personally, I'd like to see Mekhi kiss a man, but that maay never happen. the story was very sensitive.


ER has been slipping over the years, but the show still have slimmers of greatness with the storylines they have.

This is a prime example of it. Grey's Anatomy has become my number one show to watch. but, ER still has consistently been strong--with its storylines, guest stars, etc.

I still think that Dr. Pratt should be a HELL of a lot more developed than he is on the show, but it is what it is.

Hill Harper: blunt, but TRUE words and i co-sign with him 100%. I'm planning to get this anthology in the future...

Rumsfeld: he just keeps digging himself a hole, no?

Ed Rawley

I. Love. This. Site.


The U.S. gov needs to wake the fuck up! Mark my words, the gay thing will no longer be a problem if they pass that bill draft bill into law or the situation gets far worst there in Babylon. HillHarper hit it right on the head. Guess teaching "Kramer" not to be a rascist is more important than saving his own people's lives. Or does Rev. Jackson and his contemporaries believe it's God's punishment? Mekhi kiss a guy? Just 5 years ago he was shuckin' and jiving with "8 Mile" co-star Eminem on the MTV Movie Awards. Listen up: He's not a real actor anymore than Fred Williamson. Real actors take on roles that are challenging not ones that are safe or resemble your personality. His character's last name isn't "Pratt" for nothing, it is after all British slang for a fool. People including black America needs to realize not everyone is the same. Who'd a thunk it would be primetime TV to explore this. I do like the idea of the storyline breathing fresh air into the series (where's the retarded brother thou?). Question? Before ER Sam Jones was on "Smallville" (one of only 2 brothas on the show). Did they kill off his character? After all he DID know Clark's secret.

The Captain

The root for the HIV/AIDS epidemic is within the gay community. I often advocate that in order to eradicate this disease, you must confront the immoral sexual behaviors and vile affections encompassed with homosexuality.

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