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15 November 2006





McCain is obsessed with trying to appear independent. But eventually he always caters to the right wing.

Thanks for the political coverage and everything, it's beatiful.


What happened to this site? It's a bore now.

Tony R

Yes, I suppose it is boring to talk about elections and a war that may shape our future. That's why Rod 2.0 was just named one of the top ten by the advocate.

I like the mix. Not all of us want to talk about Noah's Arc, Oprah and ghetto nonsense all day, every day. There are so many other black gay blogs that can help you with that. So many others.


I agree with Tony, Ex:

If you're so bored, why do you come here EVERYDAY to read it??

what Rod is reporting here is going on in the world NOW. EVERYONE needs to keep abreast of what is happening.

It's just that important. But, im sure when Season 3 of Noah's Arc comes back, Oprah and Steadman will get BACK together for the millionth time, etc you will be happy and fit right in, boo.

Do you, ok? Meanwhile, everyone ELSE who comes here..is getting some damn good and informative news.

Andy in Seattle

We can obsess about the cute boys sitting in the deck chairs of the Titanic while the DJ plays on, or we can notice the ship is heading toward doom. I seem to recall another decade where we were dancing as fast as we can while political and viral gloom rolled in like a fog machine....

Thanks, Rod, for working so hard to make this a site about the big issues as well the ephemeral ones.


Do you reckon he'll get the GOP nomination?

Rod McCullom

There has been an over-abundance of news lately, so, the tone has and will be slightly more serious. Not saying that Rod 2.0 is totally abandoning gossip or hot men, but, we have to keep things in perspective.

HeeHee. "... obsess about the cute boys sitting in the deck chairs of the Titanic while the DJ plays on."


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