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06 November 2006



68% of ALL hiv/aids cases? good grief, it would appear that the a/a citizens of mississippi are on their way to extinction. i know that the residents of this state tend to be the poorest and most uneducated people in the country, but, give me a break. none of these people have heard of safe sex practices or abstinence? as for the gay marriage issue, i for one wish it would go away, all it is doing is playing on the fears of an uneducated, closed minded population, and is a ploy that will keep the GOP in office for years to come, which is going to be a detriment to all people. and for the a/a commuinty to have these money leachers, oops "pastors" join up and start harping on gays, they really need to focus themselves on straights, and that 65% out of wedlock birthrate in the black community.

Samuel I

68%? That is frightening.


Apparently the poverty and education in Mississippi factor into the sky high HIV rate. It's truly a shame.

taylor Siluwé

Such a shame ... homophobia kills!


I can't believe its legal in America to put up a billboard that basically tells people their sexuality is a bad thing that needs to "change" and they can if they "call this number"

These billboards wouldn't be allowed here in the UK. I'm flabbergasted at such blatant public homophobia being permitted in the biggest country in the free world, it's really quite shocking. There would be public outrage if not riots on the streets of London and Manchester if that happened here.


I am from Mississippi, and I take offense that the residents of my state are being referred to as the most uneducated people in the U. S. because the HIV/AIDS rate is very high. Have you considered the many other factors that play into the rise in the rate? Such as married men sleeping with men? These men prefer not to use condoms because it would be suspicious if their wives were to find condoms. Also, the article does not say that rise in HIV/AIDS cases is mainly due to lack of education. So, please be more mindful before putting thoughts in writing.


Aubrey, I don't think anyone is trying to destroy the reputation of Mississippi. But the 68% figure speaks for itself.

Moreover, to claim that maried men "prefer not to use condoms because it would be suspicious if their wives were to find condoms" is ridiculous. A sensible person would imagine married men fooling around would use condoms so they would bring nothing home to their wives.

Sorry, but your defense is just ... well, it's ridiculous.


MS is by far the most pathetic place I have been!

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