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02 November 2006



He's innocent until proven guilty. But if he's guilty...his hypocritical ass needs to be publically rebuked by gays. If he's guilty, it's ok for him to sleep with his male whore behind closed doors, but get in his pulpit to preach against homosexuality. That shyt is just dirty. Another bad apple....that's if he's found guilty.


Another day, another hypocritical right wing Evagelist. How do you keep score?

Tony R

"Innocent until proven guilty"?

There will be no trial here, apparently no laws were broekn. Well, besides the drugs and renting boys, but who would prosecute haggard for that? He's alredy admitting guilt in the court of public opinion by "temporarily stepping down."

Right wings types and conservatives almost never give up a fight so quickly unless they are guilty--look at Mark Foley.

Joshua R


The Republicans are falling like a house of cards, this is just too hilarious.

I guess he's off to rehab.


This is just a case of "People who live in glass houses ..... should not throw rocks." Or as my gramma said.... "Folks in glass houses should get dressed in the basement!" Ha Ha Ha! I really feel bad for this man, the fact that he actually had to pay someone to sleep with him outside of his wife speaks volumes! I mean I've bought dinner for a few peeps but no cash has ever exchanged hands.. LOL. On a serious note, it just goes to show you that no one is above reproach, we all have faults, sins and hangups. He just needs to deal with it and move on. And in the meantime, stop preaching against the very thing you love most.



Makes me wish we could have Pastor Ted and Michael Sandy trade places. Michael Sandy lived his life as a true man, not hiding in the shadows like this hypocrit in a preachers robe.


Sorry, I wasn't even planning on commenting, but for poster Ramsey to say, "Innocent until proven guilty" is laughable. Nuff said.

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