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06 November 2006


Samuel I

Yes, the Republicans are obviously very scared and very desperate.


I'm glad that Julian Bond is getting recognition for the great workl he has done on behalf of the lgbt community. And it's a testament to the character of Bill Clinton that he drops in announced on Julian at the NGLTF dinner to congratulate him.

C. Baptiste-Williams

really good to hear that Bill Clinton came out to support


race and the gop, go hand in hand. ford looks more like a white guy than his opponnet in some photo's, and yet, the race card prevails. that said, did mr ford really think the minds of the voters of tennesse had changed?


Jared, Ford hasn't lost yet. We can't write him off because he is very fair or conservative on some issues. It's the south and a statewide office, he has to be conservative on some fronts.

He stands to make history and usual, instead of supporting one another, black folks want to find fault with everything. That's exactly why we can never succeed.


Off topic, but just a word of thanks to job. You've done an outstanding job keeping us informed with the elections.

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