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27 November 2006


Samuel I

Well, we all know that the black church and politicians have dragged their feet on HIV and AIDS, and many lives have been lost. It's a good sign that at least some are willing to admit homophobia is a major problem. Let's hope this report is not ignored.


Rod, off-topic but thanks so much for keeping the fire burning on HIV. It is a major problem and I'm so disappointed more black people and gay men won't say or do more. They care more about that stupid Kramier than something that is killing us.


That sounds like a politician., reading off their accomplishments but afraid to talk about the real problem.

But it's a start.

A. Ronald

I'm glad that black politicians are signing on to the recommendations. They are probably skittish to talk about the homophobia reccomendation because that means going against many of the mega-churches and pastors who are sometimes helping them get votes.


Nice shot... thought I fail to see how it will work

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