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07 November 2006



on my way to vote at Christopher Columbus High School (around the corner from me up here in Northern Bronx)

VERY uncomfortable with the electronic polling (did you see the HBO documentary called Hacking Democracy, where they showed HOW electronic polls were probably compromised during the 2000 and 2004 elections for president? eye opening stuff)


Its been widely reported today that in many Va democrat(black)heavy precints leaflets were distributed asking people to sit out this election.:(


The GOP will stop at nothing to maintain their control. It's disgusting but I am glad that Democrats are fighting back.

j. brotherlove

And all this time, these demons would have you believe if you don't support the war, you are un-American.

Voter tampering, intimidation and fraud are the most heinous crimes in my book; that's where the real treason lies.

For those who still think it "doesn't matter" if they vote, certainly people wouldn't use tactics like this if it wasn't important.

Get off your butt and do your part to have a say in your future.

*tucks soapbox under arm

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