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03 November 2006



This is what the Fundamentalist Conservative Christians and the Republicans who pander to them get for scapegoating gay marriage in 2004. Their hypocrites are being exposed one by one. I AM LOVING IT!

"Short term memory loss...tina" Rod you crazy.

Mad Professah

Payback's a beeeyotch, hmmmmmm?

These closeted Republican scandals are exactly why I never understood why the Republicans thought they were going to get away with their unrepentant gay bashing for too long. I'm just wondering what took the dizzy queens who sleep with these Republicans (ok, so it looks like often times it is for money) so long to SQUAWK to the press.


So now he admits to calling the guy to get a massage and to buy meth, but he didnt smoke it and he didnt have sex

Andy in Seattle

Good God, imagine a Jesus Freak on meth?

Don't tell me: He held the pipe but didn't really inhale? He got f*cked but didn't really enjoy it? This is gonna be fun to watch.


What I can't believe is that he says he paid for a massage but no sex!!! I guess we'll have to debate whether a BJ is a massage or sex!!!


all he got was a massage. not only is he a hypocrit and a crystal meth addict, he's an idiot, too.

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