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27 December 2006



Very interesting stuff Rod..i always thought of Ford as a default president who was clumsy, served two years and lost to Carter, and pardoned Nixon. Now I read this and I also read he pardoned a lot of Vietnam War conscientious objectors who went to Canada, which allowed them to either return home or get Canadian citizenship

C. Baptiste-Williams

pardoning Nixon was career suicide.


Ford stands in stark contrast to today's polarizing Republicans.
He seemed like a normal guy just trying to do the right thing.
George W., Santorum, Frist, and other neo-cons are mean-spirited nutjobs who so obviously use the religious freaks for political gain.
I always wondered why Ford and Carter got a bad rap for simply trying to be fair and decent.

Rod Mc

Certainly pardoning Nixon was career suicide. But, in retrospect, most people today approve of that action.

It was a terrible time in our nation's history. Vietnam, Watergate, civil rights, inflation, ERA ... the country was so divided. As much as I detested the Nixon presidency, it was very noble for Ford to want to "put the national nightmare behind us."

Yup it's me

I just wish that we all had known these things BEFORE his death. It's funny how all these things come out when someone dies, like the fact that he did NOT approve of the war in Iraq . . . .*sigh*

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