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11 December 2006


Andy in Seattle


I seem to remember another world leader in a tie-free shirt... one he couldn't even button correctly...

(see news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4250308.stm)

tsk, tsk, tsk...



^Thanks for that Andy.

I really really really love Barack...it's refreshing to look at a black man in the news and not cringe in embarassment. It's reassuring to look at a black man that is intelligent and commands the attention of a nation that doesn't look like him. My hero.


Are you the same Rod who was involved in a stalking/hasrassment lawsuit a few years ago with a coweorker?

I have some very bad news for you. A certain person has followed you to your new city and has watched you, unknown to you. You're planning on moving back to NYC after the holidays, rigtht? They have this info and are not pleased. They even heard about your Bravo audition.

Plesae be caeful. It seems that certain person is still obsessed with hurting you. More details follow but please, make your move ASAP. Sometimes neighbors--can eb very cruel people, especially to those who are different.

Tom J

I hope Greenfield didn't see the photo of Robert Gates, US Secretary of Defense, on the home page of the Financial Times today (jacket, white shirt, no tie) - must be the new 'axis of evil dressing'. ;-)

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