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04 December 2006



Thanks for staying on top of the Jamaican news. My family is Jamaican and many of my island relatives are very homophobic. It's much more a symptom of the islnd's crumbling economic and social structures.


I heard about this case a weeks ago and was surprised to now learn the gay angle. If this suspect was a frequent visitor to the reverend's home, he probably was trade.


My ex BF was Jamaican. Very insecure about his family on the island, its very homophobic there. I wish the best for the friends, family and memory of this priest.

A. Ronald

What is even more ridiculous is that the admitted killer was given $50,000 in bail. That's incredible.


I also once dated a Jamaican man and he was deathly afraid about his family finding out and the possible repercussions. It's disturbing to see some people turn on the memory of this priest, but, at least it is opening some debate.

As always, thanks for your coninuing "global" perspective on black gay men.


It isa small, but good sign that the Gleaner would say something about homophobia. That paper has been very anti-gay. Possibly this is the silver lining in this tragic story.


Again, your referenes to the Gleaner being "historically anti-gay" always refer back to the same op piece by some stupid minister of religion. I think you are overstating a great deal.

I find the Gleaner, esp the editorial that represents to official position of the paper, to usually be quite balanced.

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