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26 December 2006



I certainly havent read a lot in recent years to inspire a lot of fondness for Jamaican society I'm sorry to say

Mad Professah

Thanks for the continued coverage of the Jamaican LGBT scene, Rod!


Thanks, Rod.

Here are two more paragraphs from the article that may shock some folks:

“When asked what he charged his clients, the prostitute said it ranged from $30,000 up. ‘I can make over $100,000 in a week,’ he said. His clients, he revealed, are a wide cross section of people, from those in big positions in the country to even the gunmen, many of whom are in notorious gangs across Jamaica. That is why he can afford to live a lavish lifestyle.

“‘It's no use you deal with them harshly,’ said one policeman, ‘because if you do, everyone will come down hard on you. There is not only the JFLAG, but many individuals in top positions in the country. This is why we leave them alone.’”

From this article, we learn that gay folks:

1. Have an “unfair advantage” in society.
2. Can make huge incomes like this fellow, though “he has never worked in his life.”
3. “Live a lavish lifestyle.”
4. Have connections to the most important people in the country.
5. Are so powerful, even the police are afraid of them.
6. Choose their “lifestyle.”
7. Are contemptuous of women.
8. Are repulsively effeminate.
9. “Lure” young “unsuspecting boys” to join their ranks.
10. Are soon to become a majority.

Every verbal trick in the book, no matter how it might contradict the next one, is used in this article to arouse hatred of gay people.

This all sounds remarkably familiar. It sounds like Nazi propaganda about Jews in the late ’30s.

It sounds to me as if the ladies’ pages of the Observer are being used to prepare the people of Jamaica to perform a mass extermination.


WTF? What do Jamaican's in the US have to say about this? Should we be looking over our shoulders here?

Adam Steve

Hola gang. Let us be fair. We cannot deny that too many gay men do lure boys into the gay lifestyle. I live in Jamaica and, yes, I have experienced homophobia. However, some gays are truly outrageous. The straight community has the right to be disgusted by the way in which some of us order our lives.

The article at caption is skewed against gays, but to liken it to Nazi propaganda is not afair assesment, in my estimation. I do not think the author was suggesting that all gays live lavish lifestyles and are contemptuous of women.

The issue of male prostitution is truly worrisome. The thought of 14, -16 year old boys hustling on the streets of Kingston at nights is distressing.

Anyways Jim, peace and love every time. Jamaica is not as bad as you think. The gay community has made strides forward. And let us not forget that people are gay bashed in your country also. Peace and love man.


Rod McCullom

Adam, indeed, teenage male (and female) hustlers is a disturbing sight and is confronted daily not only in Kingston, but, in cities such as New York, LA, Atlanta and Toledo.

Your comment says that you have experienced--which implies that you are gay--but also says that "we cannot deny that too many gay men do lure boys into the gay lifestyle."

That is propaganda. What is the "gay lifestyle"? The closeted gay accountant in Iowa? The partnered gay Republican attorney in Washington? The club-going, 22 year old gay in West Hollywood? That's a catch-all expression used by people who are directing anger, dissatisfaction or opposition to gays and lesbians. It's also a myth that likens gays to vampires, preying on young souls.

I don't necessarily mind comments from people who are not gay, or, are opposed to our having more rights. But don't lie and pretend you're gay and then spout ridiculous anti-gay conspiracy theories. I'm much more interested in men. So are most of my friends.


I am doing a research for a school project. I would like to get an insight into Jamaican Male Prostitution. HELP!


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