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06 December 2006



I think many people, even those who are still without homes, will rank homosexuality as a higher issue than the Hurricane or who will help them find affordable and safe housing. That is just how people are taking this issue. Gay marriages/civil unions don't have anything to do with them, but it is easier to act on fear than to deal with what is real. IF this wasn't the case, then Ray Nagin wouldn't have been re-elected, and Jefferson would have been ousted several weeks ago.

C. Baptiste-Williams

all you need to do is go to one evangelical sunday service and you too can erase all you stood for before to get reelected.


Well, Jefferson was re-elected by a large margin.

Cadence, I guess you are right. We are so evil that some people value our elimination more than their own welfare.

It is hard for me to feel sorry for a homeless family who would rather exterminate me than have a home. I guess I am not Christian enough. I guess I am not Christian enough to relish being executed.

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