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18 December 2006




I have been an avid reader of your site since it began and I never posted any comments, but I felt the need to comment now. Jonathan Perry IS NOT what you think he is. He is a manipulative and diabolical person that CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. I care too much for the integrity of this blog to let him go unchecked as though he was some sort of saint. He is possibly responsible for the positive HIV status of dozens of men even though he was aware of his own positive status. He was also a performer in a pornagraphic movie on streetlife.com (Streetcam 301) under the name Jon Jon and engaged in unprotected sex even though he was aware of his postive status. I will post a copy of my comments on his blog here. Please DO NOT TRUST HIM! And thank you for the great job you do on your blog. You are a God send.

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j. brotherlove

Wow. Jonathon is manipulative and diabolical? That's a bit much. Perhaps, he's just a human being whose made some bad choices and is trying to atone for them. We all make mistakes. The better of us learn from them and find ways to improve our lives and others.

I won't try to overly defend Jonathon. I've never met him. However, he already addressed his past back in September which is a brave and admirable move in my book.

C. Baptiste-Williams

I met him briefly on the streets in DC a couple years back before the Oprah show... and way before I saw his porn... can't really comment on what type of person he is from a 5 minute convo.. but I was suprised to see him in porn.


Jonathan has already addressed quite eloquently the circumstances around his appearance in that adult video. All one has to do is take the time to read it. He has not hidden any of the facts.

That, to me, is a far more honorable--and less cowardly--approach to take than to post slanderous remarks about him anonymously.


dear avid reader,

One need not be a saint to be a spokeman for HIV/AIDS issues. It's not like there's a whole lot of black gay men who want to be out there, front and center, about their HIV+ status.

I just want him to be ARTICULATE and HONEST. Only time will tell if he has anything of lasting importance to say.

As for him being in a porn video, so what?

jonathan perry

I really need you to deal with that I came out about my porn and my irresponsibility a long time ago...fyi...i never had sex with a student at my university who did not know my hiv status...i think of you are going to make comments like that you should have the testicular fortitude to leave your name.
another tidbit of information...watch the video and tell me how many times you saw me enter some one or someone enter me...wait let me save you the time...NONE!


wow, this has lots of drama in it!and i was thinking how the advocate has changed in the past 25 years by even saying black gay men and women exist, and then the drama starts about the young man in the article. i recall the young man from some show other than oprah, and good luck to him and the path he has taken to spread the word about hiv and aids.

i have led one of those "sheltered sexual life" even as a man older than most posters here, and can't think about getting it on with many different men as thats not my nature, but, i know it happens, and people do things that they later regret, the thing that makes you stronger is to learn from your mistakes and move ahead, the only thing "bad" that can happen is to repeat them.

it seems as if mr.perry is moving ahead with his life in a positive manner, and my hat off to him and all the other young people in this fight for the lives of black america from this dreaded disease.

Avid Reader of Your Blog


I don't want to use your blog as an arena, and I promise you that this will be the last post on this subject, but I want to respond to Jonathan's comment.

[Edited by Admin: But you are using this blog as an arena for a personal vendetta, darling. Please respect me and the readers, send Jonathan an email or comment at his blog.]

Mike Johnson

Dear Avid Reader of Your Blog,
I am not trying to defend Jonathan (Jon Jon as you call him) but you should know it takes two to tangle. Let me hip you to some common sense, those people you claim that was a victim, they had a choice in having protected, unprotected sex, or no sex at all. These days you have to treat everybody like they are infected with HIV, which means duh??? no unprotected sex. Anybody can lie about being infected or not be aware that they are infected. As for the university incidents, if they are true, did Jonathan ever promised these people to keep quiet? Why should he? You always try to find out where a person mind is, you just dont rush off into bed.


Rod, put up another post. Quick! LOL.


Wow, Is it really that drastic? I mean dayem we all make mistakes, there are always circumstances that cause us to make the wrong decisions but dayem!! Is it really that drastic? You know, there is a war going on right? Dayem bruh take a pill address the issue with Jo JO? Jon Jon? Johnathan? Whoeva... but do it one on one with him. Please don't make this news blog the forum for dirty laundry, Hell ... ain't too many cyberspaces out here that just inform without all the bitchyness! I appreciate that you got beef with the man and his actions but umm bruh.... take it private.... please.



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Mr. King (yes, Jonathan, THAT Mr. King!!)

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J. Nakia Lee

All my buddies in Charlotte NC, where Jonathan lived & learned for several yrs, are talking about this blog. I knew Jonathan very well. At times, we were more than friends. He is an innovative thinker and iconoclast. He has my utmost respect. Nevertheless, he (like many of us) has A LOT of healing to do. Like JonJon, I am a community servant. I've learned (the hard way) the importance of self-healing before I attempt to facilitate healing in my community. I'd like to see Jonathan stop and pay a great deal of attention to his inner-self.
I believe that would require him to step out of the lime-light for some time. I know many who have been genuinely hurt by Jonathan...as many have hurt him....which has lead to some of his manipulative behavior. At the heart of that behavior is a need to protective one's self and not re-live past hurts. We should not belittle the experience of the disgruntled blogger. We dont know what he and Jonathan have gone thru.
Still, I believe that Jonathan is a champion in the fight to eradicate HIV/AIDS in the Black SGL community. But like so many of our heroes, he is plagued with unyielding demons; he must do the personal work to cast them out - that we ALL might continue to be blessed my his work.

Rod McCullom

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