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14 December 2006



well, since he is a man of his "faith," mormon, and they dropped the thier racist view of black men in the late 1970s and he apparently followed that then, maybe he will drop it with gays and lesbians, i for one won't hold my breath. he like mccain will flip flop until they flop out of this race. the american people, who ever they are since when bush mentions them, they are only people who subcribe to his point of view, will see right through him, well, maybe not, most voted bush back in. these career politicans on the payroll of the taxpayers should be banned from seeking higher offices.

Andy in Seattle

He opposes "unjust" discrimination. Ergo, he approves of "just" discrimination? Explain please, Mr. Romney.


“I have never changed my mind on hoping to achieve full equality for America’s slaves—so long as that equality does not include working for a wage, the freedom to leave one’s employer, or the right to vote.”

—Mitt Romney, 1865

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